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DoBeDo started in 2008 as an online photography resource and shop that established a community for photographers. Soon DoBeDo grew to become an independent publishing company and gallery, curating photography exhibitions and putting on film events. Today DoBeDo has further grown to include an artist representation agency and worldwide production company with offices in London and New York. In 2022 DoBeDo is opening a permanent gallery space and shop in Camberwell with a focus on photography.

“Inside the Bum” by Frank and Tyrone Lebon

“Inside the Bum” – a book and film by Frank & Tyrone Lebon. This limited-edition photo book documents the making of Harmony Korine’s new film ‘The Beach Bum’ – starring Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill, Isla Fisher, Snoop Dogg, and Zac Efron. In October of 2017 the Lebon brothers, Frank and Tyrone, were invited onto the set of Harmony Korine’s latest film for a period of six weeks. Given the freedom to wander the set as they pleased, the Lebons received unrestricted access and a privileged insight into the filmmaking process of Korine – a long time inspiration for both brothers. Korine’s colourful set provided a bountiful stream of wild and wacky scenarios to document, from naked hobos destroying Miami-mansions to Moondog (McConaughey) setting boats on fire and dancing in tinfoil underwear. The book is a compilation of photographs, video stills, written diary entries, call sheets, and vintage Florida tourist paraphernalia taped together into a scrap book of sorts; part on-set documentary photography, part notebook of thoughts, questions and anecdotes for their film.


“Still Life Big Data” by Naima Karlsson

“Still Life Big Data” is over 10 years worth of collected words and numbers from the newspaper listings of horse races, combined with recent images, drawings and data found or created by the artist. The book is a sequence of visual and verbal material, intended to read as an extended poem or / long equation of words + images. As mathematics uses patterns and equations to solidify immaterial phenomena into proof and truth, the book combines visual and verbal still lifes = as a nexus of stand-ins for the human associations conjured by our eyes and minds. An edition of 100 spiral bound books, signed and numbered by the artist; including c-type, risograph, digital and screen printed pages, in a handmade box.


“08.14-10.19” by Rosie Marks

“08.14-10.19”, a photobook by London-based photographer, Rosie Marks, featuring 526 images taken over a five year period between August 2014 and May 2019. A book was never Marks’ intention when she started taking these photos, they started as more of a reaction against the abundant and deceptive presentation of self-image via social media. She took pictures as a way to capture people in what she felt to be their truest and least self aware state; an unguarded and purer view into the trivialities of others’ lives.

“Taking these pictures was and still is a way of searching for honesty, something I have seldom found while someone is aware of the camera in front of them.”—Rosie Marks, 2020